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Aleris is among the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality clad aluminum products for the manufacture of heat exchangers.   A heat exchanger is a device built to efficiently transfer heat from one medium to another.   These products are widely used in the automotive industry, as well as for cryogenic and HVAC applications.

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Aluminum is the preferred material for the increasingly diverse and demanding field of heat exchanger manufacture, and is used around the world in many industries for a variety of heat exchanger designs.  Aluminum provides a unique combination of advantages, e.g. its strength, corrosion life, weight reduction capabilities, processing and machining characteristics, and the ability to alloy special material properties to specific customer applications.

Aleris provides a wide range of customized clad coils, as well as select fin stock material, to customers that produce heat exchangers worldwide.  We offer an extensive product range covering a wide variety of alloys, tempers, clad ratios, dimensions and material properties to meet the most stringent requirements for customization and performance.



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Our facilities in Duffel, Belgium and Koblenz, Germany produce aluminum for a variety of heat exchanger applications.

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