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Light weight, durable and highly formable solutions for tomorrow’s consumer

The growth of consumer goods is driving demand for aluminum solutions that are lighter, thinner and offer greater connectivity properties. The growth of mobile devices and the greater use of aluminum in larger durables like recreational vehicles, computers and household appliances is a trend that is helping drive innovation within these industries.

Products & Capabilities

Aleris innovation and expertise is helping shape the future of this emerging market.  Working closely with our customers, Aleris can partner to innovate and supply material solutions that help revolutionize the future of consumer goods of all kinds.

One example is the aluminum coil that we supply for cooking equipment.  Pots and pans made from aluminum are extremely desirable because of aluminum’s excellent thermal performance, durability, ability to accept non-stick coatings and economical cost.

Aleris aluminum is a material of choice in the freshwater boat market. Aluminum has been used in the marine industry for more than 100 years because of its light weight, ease of fabrication, and good corrosion and fatigue resistance.


Aleris supplies aluminum for consumer goods all across North America from Clayton, New Jersey to Lincolnshire, Illinois. See our map of locations for a list of manufacturing operations.

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