Aleris Lewisport may be the biggest company you’ve never heard of. But not for long. We’re profitable, strong and growing, we’re building momentum, and the world is starting to notice.

And what really excites us is solving customer problems in ways that are innovative, like achieving better fuel efficiency and lower emissions by “lightweighting” vehicles with our aluminum.

If you’re driven to contribute and succeed, you’ve come to the right place.

What our employees are saying...

"What I like about working at Aleris is my team who I’m surrounded with daily. We are all driven by the same common goal and we have a great working relationship."
"Aleris gives employees the opportunity to not only succeed, but thrive."
"Aleris for me is much different than other companies I have worked for because they encourage input and ideas from all levels of the organization. I can honestly say I feel like a valued member of the Aleris team and look forward to having a long and successful career with Aleris."